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Sentinel for SORNA™ Press Release

Ryte Byte, Inc.

AUGUST 7, 2007




Ryte Byte, Incorporated has announced the successful completion and implementation of a comprehensive operational assessment of its Sentinel for SORNA during a pilot program with the Gordon County Sheriff’s Department.

The assessment initiative demonstrates law enforcement's’s ongoing resolve to identify and deploy cutting edge technologies that can strengthen the effectiveness of security measures, increase the protection of children and citizens through increased GIS based technologies, and improved communications of information with law enforcement, schools, and other agencies.

The assessment was in direct response to a request from the Gordon County Board of Education seeking assistance in locating and identifying sex offender residences and violations, and comply with the Georgia statute governing locations and proximity of sex offenders to schools, bus stops, churches, and other critical areas where children may congregate.

Ryte Byte, Incorporated was selected in 2003 by Gordon County the Lynx Transportation Software for its school bus mapping and routing technology.

In 2004, the State of Georgia enacted a state law (_____) regulating the places where sex offenders could live in relation to schools, parks, churches, bus stops, and other selected locations.  (“Hot Spots”).  Within a week, Ryte Byte’s software was able to assist the Department of Education in relocating bus stops to assist the School District to be in compliance with the law.  However, what the Department of Education learned was that existing registered sex offenders were living within the Hot Spots in violation of the law that the School Districts could not easily address.

Based upon these developments, Gordon County’s Sheriff Department expressed interest in the program.  Joe Canepa, founder and chief developer of its technologies developed Sentinel for SORNA™ and implemented the program with the GCSD in May of 2006.   . 

GCSD agreed to conduct an operational assessment of Sentinel for SORNA™ in Gordon County.  Since May, 2006, BCSD has been using Sentinel for SORNA to track and apprehend sex offenders, meth lab operators, criminals and other emergency events.  The assessment has given Gordon County confidence that the Sentinel for SORNA™ can deliver functionality, reliability, and performance in a real-world situation.

On August __, 2007, Major Clent Harris, of the Gordon County Sheriff’s Department credited Sentinel for SORNA™ for providing Gordon County and his department with the tools and information that was critical to help bring about the re-arrest and conviction of a sex offender who had violated the State Law SO 101 (by living in a protected area) and was engaging in further deviant activities.  Further, Major Harris stated, “because of Ryte Byte and Joe’s program, Gordon County is 100% compliant with Georgia Statute ______.”

Sentinel for SORNA™ is a Windows-based geo-spacial database software program designed specifically for law enforcement and emergency management agencies to provide smaller-sized and budgeted organizations with the state-of-the-art tools, information, and technology that large cities are starting to spend millions of dollars to install and support.  Sentinel for SORNA™ can quickly provide local law enforcement agencies and departments with a simple, effective and manageable program to software tools to track, identify and report events, crimes, emergencies, accidents, or sex offenders. 

Since its original implementation, Sentinel for SORNA™ has expanded the scope and tools within the Lynx Sentine™ production to include operations to assist law enforcement, fire and emergency management operations, SWAT Team, and Emergency Management Systems for homeland security and hazardous event management capabilities.

The Sentinel for SORNA™ offers law enforcement a real-time tool to immediately investigate, identify, evaluate and communicate information necessary for the department to evaluate a particular event or situation. 

For more information, please contact Ryte Byte, Incorporated. 


For the Gordon County Sheriff’s Department, contact Brian McClelland, Director of Technology, Gordon County, Calhoun, Georgia.


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