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Who We Are

In 1983, Joe Canepa opened Ryte Byte Computer Services, Inc., a software company dedicated to the purpose of building high-end software for professional offices. Since then the company has grown and produced several successful software applications, including Lynx Sentinel™, Sebastian Accounting™, Sebastian Title™, Himalaya Imaging™, Lynx™ Transportation Software, Schedule ACE™ Clinic and Contractor Scheduler and K2 Lead Manager™ to name a few.

Ryte Byte, Inc. provides its clients with a complete palette of knowledge management solutions including transportation systems software, scheduling and billing systems, contact management software, information systems consulting, network and imaging systems and service, email and web based communication, pre-packaged software sales and training, custom programming (including SQL programming and client/server systems), and the complete line of customizable Ryte Byte Imaging software products. This is a quick overview of Ryte Byte's services and products. Contact us for further information.

Why Choose Our Company.

Ryte Byte is committed to providing personalized service. We’ve been developing useable software for over 25 years.  Ryte Byte also develops the Lynx Transportation™ which has been working with school transportation organizations for over 15 years.  We comprehend the importance of protecting children and your community. We understand that every organization is different and requires unique solutions to truly benefit from technology. We will assist you in adapting that technology to the way you work thus saving you time and money.

  • Personalized Customer Support
  • Proven Products!


  LE Tech, Inc. is committed to providing individualized service.

We will assist you in customizing our sex offender management software to the way you work. Whatever your needs we've got you covered. Sleep better at night withSentinel for SORNA™ defending your community !

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