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Product Detail

Sentinel for SORNA™ software automatically plots, on a map or satellite image, locations of sex offenders, protected areas, crimes and minor incidents. This system puts time-critical information at your fingertips for quicker response to events. By knowing the location of protected areas, (e.g. schools, day care centers, bus stops) Sentinel for SORNA™ can warn you when sex offenders violate protected areas. The reports are easy to read and save hundreds of hours of tedious hand searching and measuring. In addition, Sentinel for SORNA™ provides end-users with location information about crimes and incidents such as traffic accidents, hazardous materials locations, and others.

Sentinel™ uses information from GPS devices and information from map sources to produce a bird's eye view of sex offender locations. A location can be a home, place of employment or even a GPS bracelet for live tracking. This information, coupled with the identification of your protected areas, gives Sentinel™ the ability to instantly show if a Sex Offender or Threat is violating a protected area. Alerts can then be sent out in real time or in the form of a report. In addition, Sentinel™ allows you to identify and map high crime areas, hazardous material locations or any locations that you would need to identify for public safety. For instance, fire departments can use Sentinel™ to immediately identify if a location has hazardous materials close by. Since you define information that Sentinel™ manages there are no limitations on what you can track!

Sex Offender Tracking. Maps sex offender locations, home, work and others. Maps protected locations, day cares, schools, bus stops, etc. Sentinel for SORNA™ tracks sex offender check-in and reporting as well as provides numerous reports for the management of sex offenders. Sex offenders are tracked in real time with GPS bracelets and warns you by SMS, email or audible alerts when they violate protected areas. Sentinel for SORNA™ saves times by automatically calculating distances between sex offenders and protected areas. Visual interface makes it easy to see where sex offenders are located in relation to protected areas.

Crime, Incident & Hazardous Material Tracking . Use the location maps for public or private presentations. Map crime scene locations. Map car accidents, incidents and house fires. Map warning areas, e.g. hazardous material sites, etc. Easily identify areas with a high number of crimes, accidents or incidents. Help fire departments identify hazardous materials areas before they arrive on site.

General Benefits. Show locations on a satellite map of your area. Share information easily over your internal network or the Internet. Improve public relations with web based analysis of crimes, sex offenders, and other important locations. Sentinel for SORNA™ does not require expensive GIS software. Have secure information with user accounts and passwords. Set your own levels of access to the data!

Other Examples of Use . Fire Department notification of dangerous (hazardous materials) areas. Use Sentinel™ for Search and Rescue by creating a search grid for rescuers in the field. Display their progress on the map grid. Enable public awareness by allowing the public to look up sex offender locations and information on crimes, fires, accidents, incidents, etc. Use Sentinel™ to create take-over or hostage scenarios for schools, buildings, etc. View actual movements of SWAT members in the field for training or real situations.



Keep an eye on YOUR community with Sentinel for SORNA™! Take control and take back your community...

  • Unlimited records, sex offenders, protected areas, crimes, etc.

  • User-defined warning areas, protected areas, threats, crimes and incidents

  • User-defined editable queries

  • Print out sex offender photo directories

  • Print out sex offender ID cards

  • State violation reports

  • SQL based database for easy access

  • User-defined reports using Crystal Reports

  • Management of sex offenders, crimes, threats, car accidents, incidents, hazardous materials areas, user-defined warning and alert areas

  • Advanced user security, i.e. allow a group of users to only view the data or allow a single user to only see certain fields with a data screen

  • Email/Text message support

  • Live online or onsite technical support
    provided for installation, set up, training and maintenance

  • Unlimited web updates for current version

  • Document Imaging, i.e. scan and save documents relating to any record

  • Web Interface for the public

  • Map Editing (draw in new roads)

  • PDA Access Module

  • Interface with existing crime management system

  • Workstation license for each additional workstation beyond the initial 3

  • Document Imaging


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Product Screen Shots
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Main Sentinel Dashboard (click on thumbnail for large view):

Sentinel Easy Access Dashboard

Main Screen Shot:

Main Screen

Main Screen Shot #2:

Main Screen Shot 2


GE Screen Shot:

GE Screen Shot

Threat Violation Report (click on thumbnail for large view):

Threat Violation Report



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